Meet Makeup Artist Dana✨

Hi there Beauties, 

My name is Dana Aguiluz and I am Makeup Artist here in the Valley.

I have been in the beauty industry as a freelancer for five years. I have to say that being a Makeup Artist is such a regarding thing to do, meeting all types of beautiful people and personalities. I always strive at becoming better at what I do, keeping up to date with new techniques and having the knowledge of the many products out there on the market. I am very passionate about what I do, and I take pride in ensuring that every person who sits in my chair feels there most confident, knowing they are beautiful on the outside but as well as on the inside. I would like them to know they have a friend in the industry and most importantly that they feel they learned something of value.


Yours Truly,

Dana Aguiluz


“Makeup is an Art, Beauty is in the Spirit”



Instagram: @beautybydana_1017



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