DESIGNER SPOTLIGHT: We are super excited to have @LastOneLeft at our 4th Annual Brave Wings Fashion Show!

The Last Ones Left brand was designed to be stylish and effortless. Founders, Alec Frank and Jordan SebastianSebastian created a unisex brand that extends from active wear to everyday looks such as jogger pants, hoodies, t¬-shirt dresses, crop tops, and so much more! Founders wanted a brand that could be worn by anyone in hope to create a movement that will inspire youth to be creative and to always follow their own dreams. The collection that will be showcased at the show was creative directed and co-designed by Jenesis Laforcarde Read more about them at www.lastonesleft.comindex.jpg

Woman’s Touch Apparel Opening The Show!


Woman’s Touch Apparel is dedicated to the celebration of women everywhere. It is a T-shirt line that proclaims women’s empowerment, self-respect, beauty and self-worth; while encouraging women to support one another through fashion. Each statement is a confirmation of the importance we are as human beings and force we all possess. We do make a difference and deserve to be heard and seen as the beautiful creatures we are. Remember, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, BEHOLD! Learn more:!