Alis Fashion Design

We are excited to announce that Lana Gerimovich, designer of Alis Fashion Design will be one of the seven designers showing at this year’s 2nd Annual Brave Wings Fashion Show on June 28, 2014 at the Venue Scottsdale!

“I was moved by its mission of ‘making a difference through fashion’because that is exactly what I have been doing as a dress designer,”smiled Lana Gerimovich, the custom dressmaker at the head of Alis Fashion Design. “Being part of fashion shows is one of the most exciting moments, especially when I get to represent local designers in Scottsdale, AZ. To be chosen as one of seven featured designers is a real honor, and it’s extremely gratifying to see that my 20 years of designer experience are appreciated in this way.”

Along with bridal gowns and prom dresses, Alis Fashion Design also specializes in custom designed evening dresses. Lana explained that while making wedding gowns and prom dresses is more of a personal encounter with clients, representing her own collections of uniquely designed evening dresses is more like “sharing”the moment with a huge audience. “These are different experiences, but the core part is the same: making a difference through fashion, just as the Brave Wings Fashion Show’s motto suggests. I am very happy to share the same belief and collaborate together for a good cause right here in Scottsdale,”Lana proclaimed.

“My motto of Alis Fashion Design is to make any women’s bodies look beautiful regardless of what shapes and which sizes they are. Through my expertise, fittings and tailoring, I can transform every woman’s body shapes into what they will shine the most. I have never repeated the same dresses ever because all the dresses are custom designed individually. Alis Fashion Design’s theme of this fashion show is ‘Sophisticated, Elegant and Sensual Woman’.

Today she currently operates two locations in North Central Phoenix: 6533 N 7 TH ave, Phoenix, 85013 AZ and Scottsdale 4151 N Marshall Way, Scottsdale 85251. Find out more about Alis Fashion Design by visiting






Woman’s Touch Apparel

We are excited to announce that Co-founder of the Brave Wings Fashion Show, Jenesis Laforcarde and Designer of women empowerment brand Woman’s Touch Apparel will be opening this years Brave Wings Fashion Show on June 28th, 2014 with her fierce clothing line
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“I am so excited to be debuting the newest collection for Woman’s Touch Apparel at the Brave Wings Fashion Show, get ready for the Heroine Collection. My partner and I have worked so hard to give all you Fashionistas out there a great fashion show, to help benefit Ryan House”. – Jenesis LaforcardeWoman’s Touch Apparel is dedicated to the celebration of women everywhere. It is a T-shirt line that proclaims women’s empowerment, self-respect, beauty and self-worth; while encouraging women to support one another through fashion. Each statement is a confirmation of the importance we are as human beings and force we all possess. We do make a difference and deserve to be heard and seen as the beautiful creatures we are. Remember, if beauty is in the eye of the beholder, BEHOLD! Read more at


Breazy Brand

We are excited to announce that Breazy Brand will be one of the seven designers showing at this year’s 2nd Annual Brave Wings Fashion Show on June 28, 2014 at the Venue Scottsdale!

” I am so excited to be apart of the Brave Wings Fashion Show, a fashionable and philanthropic event makes me ecstatic to share the runway with 6 other talented designers such as the Co-Founders of BWFS who created Mabella Chic and Women’s Touch Apparel. It is truly and honor and privilege to able to showcase in such a successful runway charity event, while supporting such an amazing cause “Ryan House”.

“I consider my customer to be a polished, edgy women, while being hip, trendy and looking like the cool girl that everyone wants to be. Each piece I construct or design is fun and flirty, mixed with a little dash of Breazy in it. ” This current collection being featured is a mix of black and white colors with a blend of trending metallics. I call it “Silver Linings” because I choose to see the light, amongst a sometimes black and white world. ” -Breazy

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SJ Couture

We are excited to announce that sj couture will be one of the seven designers showing at this year’s 2nd Annual Brave Wings Fashion Show on June 28, 2014 at the Venue Scottsdale!

It’s every girl’s dream to find the perfect wedding dress – well, Jeanne Hankerson literally dreams up the perfect dresses almost every night. “I have these inspirational dreams where I can see the dress, feel the dress. I usually dream that I see a woman in the dress, and when I wake up I have to find a sketchpad. It’s fate. I know that dream will come true – a woman will wear that dress.” After countless sketches and an itch to turn her dreams into reality, Jeanne started creating. With the help and support of her family and some amazingly talented staff, in 2009 SJ Couture was born.
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“SJ Couture creates original, high quality wedding gowns for today’s woman. SJ has a niche: understated elegance. The simple, striking designs take vintage grace and infuse it with a contemporary twist. Jeanne believes that fashion is a frame only enhancing the perfection of the woman. Her gowns are ethereal, never ephemeral because your wedding is not just a day… it’s a new beginning. Learn more about this amazing brand by visiting .